Who Doesn’t Love Beautiful Contradictions? (like you!)

We’re all a mixed bag. Our flock is made up of numerous shades and styles. And that’s exactly how we like it.

Your multitudes–the surface, the deep down inside, and everywhere in between–is what makes YOU! That beautiful and complex you makes the world a more interesting place.

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t know a person simply by looking at them. Those beautiful contradictions—and the depths we all contain—are what inspired our name, Pretty Vulgar.

Your makeup look reflects who you are…or does it? You’re layered and unique. Wear the looks you love, even if it’s a curveball to others. We believe a life well-lived is one that’s complex.

Need some inspiration? We’ve gathered our favorite contradictions on living a Pretty Vulgar life:

Sometimes Whiskey Is Best Served From A Teacup

Trying to be everyone’s cup of tea can be so seductive. Who doesn’t want to be universally liked? But isn’t it more fun to be someone’s shot of whiskey?

Whether you’re delicate on the outside and fiery on the inside–or have a mellow heart and a wild exterior–you do you! Feeling different day-to-day? Nothing’s wrong with keeping them guessing.

Why put all your cards on the table? Even rose-pink lips with the best gossip can keep a secret. Even flashy, lush lashes can pair with a quiet, introverted personality.

We love seeing how you express every part of your personality—even the ones that seem at odds—in the way that only YOU can. 

Blend in and Stand Out 

Some mornings are a gloss-and-go kind of day. Others require the perfect contour and highlight. Just as different parts of our personalities ebb and flow, we support whatever cosmetic expression matches your mood.

It’s time to stop living like there’s some consistency police. It’s okay to be want to be one of the crowd one day and need to let your freak flag fly the next! Being your authentic self is realizing that no one is completely static.

Honor and enjoy your contradictions. Being the real you means respecting your moment-to-moment feelings, whether that means blending in or standing out.

Be Perfectly Imperfect 

Change can be beautiful. Like when you finally figured out how to shape and fill your brows. Or learning how to rock cat-eye liner that’s (somewhat) more even than it was in middle school.

If we’re going to keep pushing our comfort zone, we’re bound to mess up a little (or a lot). Fear of failure shouldn’t hold you back from all that the world has to offer.

Is wearing glitter too gaudy–even though you’re dying to try it? Who cares if you enjoy the glow! Throw it on and see what happens.

When your standard for “perfect” gets defined by you alone…you can expand the joy you find in the world like never before.

Birds of Different Feathers Flock Together 

What connects your friend group? Where they’re from? The clothes they wear? Sure, those can be bonding factors…but it doesn’t define who you spend time with.

Sometimes you have to look a little farther to find where you belong. Building relationships that bring different, diverse perspectives into our lives only makes us stronger.

Sometimes different feathers make the best flock.

Embrace your own beautiful contradictions, pretty birdies. 

Discover what makes you YOU—even the parts that don’t seem to match.

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