We invented award-winning tubing mascara technology™ for those who lead a busy life and don't have time for smudging. Today, our multifunctional cosmetics continue to simplify beauty routines with clinical-level results. Formulated to last through anything. they re also effortless to remove.




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“OMG! This stuff is fantastic! As I've aged, my lashes, which have always been long and full, started to become difficult to curl using mascara and even a curler. This product has solved the problem.”

- White Lash Primer

Catherine B.

“I love this eyeliner pen because of how thin the pen is. If you like to be precise and love thin eyeliner, this is a great product for you. I love this eyeliner!”

- MicroPoint Eyeliner Pen

Erika B.

“Amazing product- of course that's expected by blinc. I had my eyebrows microbladed in 2019 and even though the shape is still there, the pigment has faded dramatically. This mousse exceeded my expectations. One swipe of this and it fills your browser hairs in, stays put and looks flawless for hours on end!”

- Eyebrow Mousse


"The best mascara ever. It's not too wet or dry, so is easy to apply without lashes sticking together. I can't believe how much length and volume I get from this. No smudging or flaking, but comes off easily when you want it to!”

- UltraVolume Tubing Mascara


"My forever mascara. I can honestly say that it is the best mascara I have ever used. I have been using mascara since I was in high school and am now retired! I use mascara almost every day, so I have used different brands over the years. This mascara is exceptional. It isn't clumpy at all. It separates my lashes and lengthens them really well. This is now my go to mascara. I highly recommend it."

- Original Tubing Mascara


"Can't do without it! GREAT primer! My thin, straight, and practically non existent lashes are beautifully volumized and lengthened - it's a perfect base for my blinc mascara. AND there is no clumping, no flaking, no smudging. It dries quickly so you can add your mascara almost immediately and provides double the volume and length. A perfect companion with my blinc mascara."

- Black Lash Primer

Licia D.