Our Story

Makeup that’s as cute on your vanity as it is on you.

Delightfully pretty. Just because.

We believe great makeup with a boring presentation is just insulting. Who wants to drink champagne served in a plastic to-go cup? Yeah, we’re looking at you—popular cosmetics in *decidedly unfancy* packaging.

We’re here for that maximalist magic.

Rich pigmentation.
Bottles, palettes, and tubes cute enough to make you squeal.
Bold, memorable makeup looks.
Filling your beauty routine with only the best.

A dash of nostalgia. A pinch of vintage. And a whole lot of aesthetic appeal.

If you’ve upgraded from your teen cosmetics, you know the struggle. Adorable but cheap makeup traded in for a higher-quality version. You got the better stuff…in the plainer packaging.

But we believe there’s room for things to be cute AND sophisticated.

A contradiction? Maybe. But we know that’s how you work, too.

You’re putting on a vintage makeup look while listening to a gritty True Crime podcast.
Listening to recent releases on a record.
Wearing that favorite dress just to run errands.
Sipping champagne on a regular weeknight.
A bold lip or eye for the day job.

Life doesn’t need an event for a little pizzazz. YOU are the pizzazz. Live and love your contradictions, babe. A little extra flair in the routine never hurt anybody.

A little birdie told us you’d like quality cosmetics that are fun to wear AND fun to apply.

Pretty Vulgar has your back. Cosmetics with grown-up quality and unapologetic fun.

We love enjoying makeup looks as mixed as your playlists. Feminine swan vibes some days, dark and mysterious raven ones on others? Absolutely.

Life’s too short to pass up a little glitter or a classy AF tube of mascara.

When we designed our products, we had a vintage twist in mind. They don’t make things with as much detail as they used to. (Though we’ll skip the scary vintage ingredients.) But the bottles? The vanities? The tubes? What a mood. It’s high time we bring that glamour and playfulness back to our everyday routine.

If your makeup doesn’t bring you joy as soon as you see it, then what’s the point?

Enjoy the experience, all of it. Wearing the makeup. Putting it on. Seeing that gorgeous bottle on your vanity.

Live your contradictions. Love them. Transform your routines into something magical.

And may the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

Here’s what other birdies have to say about Pretty Vulgar:


“This is the best eyeshadow primer I have ever used. you will still be able to see the design you laid on your eyeshadow after a night of sweaty dancing. Nothing compares.”

- Uncaged Eyeshadow Primer

Zulema M.

“I was absolutely stunned by how pigmented this is how wonderful it is and how absolutely gorgeous it is. I was amazed by how large the bottle is and how little you need to use. I feel like I could cover my entire body in this. It is incredible. One drop is all you need and it changes your entire look. I highly recommend this.”

- Just Glow With It Face & Body Highlighter

Just J.

"OMGOSH!!!! This is the best eye liner. It's always my "go to" it doesn't make my eyes itchy and it's waterproof. The color is so vivid and it lasts for hours. It doesn't smear all over your face and you don't have to re-apply it.Love it, love it, love it!”

- The Ink Gel Eyeliner

Tracy A.

"Excellent Mascara. I bought this mascara years ago when it first cane out and loved it. I recently purchased it again and it's just as good as when I first used it. The packaging is stunning and the design is adorable.

- The Feathers Mascara

Caitlin H.

"I absolutely love this product. It gives you a natural looking hint of color, has a great matte finish on your skin, & holds your look all day. Blends great & is build able. Love, love, love!"

- Bronzed B

Sierria S.

"Gorgeous. Just the right amount of that extra special um.. je ne sais quoi that every girl needs."

- Glitter Dust

Sienna B.

Pretty Vulgar celebrates the beautiful contradictions within us all. We make quality, lightweight, highly-pigmented cosmetics that look as good on your vanity as they do on you. Why can’t you have the elegance of a swan in one moment, and the darkness of a raven the next? Now the choice isn’t Pretty or Vulgar, but to blend, blur and mix into a colorful shade that is uniquely you.