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blinc tubing mascara

Tubing mascara started with a quest for a formula that didn’t smudge, flake, or run. Blinc’s oil-free formula delivers an all-day stay-put wear.

"All mascaras run! I'm SO annoyed!"

- Suma, to her (then) boyfriend, Lewis. 1993.

That off-handed conversation started the path to tubing technology mascara. It had been a long day and—you guessed it—the mascara hadn’t held up.

If you’re a makeup-wearer...we know you’ve had that kind of conversation before. 

Couldn’t there be a single mascara that did it all? 

That was what Suma and Lewis Farsedakis (the founders of blinc) thought. We put a man on the moon—there's no way we don’t have the technology for a mascara that stays put. 

So Lewis asked Suma for the top 10 best mascaras she could think of. Then he brought them all to a chemist friend to test out why they weren’t staying.

“I don't even need to do any testing to tell you why these mascaras don't hold,” said that chemist friend. “They’re oil based. As long as they're oil-based they’re never going to hold well.”

That's what sparked the development of tubing technology.

It was a mascara that finally wasn't oil based. One that would withstand regular life...and more.

Instead of caking lashes with unpredictable oily paint, tubing mascara encases each lash in an oil-free tube. It resisted water and oil, letting wearers rub their eyes, cry, sweat, add eye drops, and wear contacts without worrying about their mascara moving. Humid weather, trips to the gym, eye-watering allergies? It’s no problem for tubing technology.

Plus, there wasn’t a catch to taking it off.

Unlike many “waterproof” mascaras, tubing mascara didn’t require harsh makeup removers or scrubbing to remove. Water and light pressure was all it took to take it off at the end of the day. Each lash’s “tube” slid off in one piece.

Tubing mascara was the perfect fit for customers that had struggled to find “their” mascara. Customers that dealt with sensitive eyes, contacts, allergies, oily skin, and recent eye surgery could finally enjoy mascara without irritation or smearing. And customers that needed a reliable mascara for humid weather, working out, sports, and big events had a solid option. 

Later, several of blinc’s tubing mascaras became available to buy in Sephora stores. Amassing thousands of reviews, the Original quickly became a cult favorite. Once blinc became available on Amazon, both the Original and the Amplified tubing mascara gained thousands of reviews.

We kept hearing the same themes in the reviews:

Oily skin, sweat, & humidity didn’t wash away their mascara halfway through the day

Tears and watery eyes didn’t budge their lashes

The mascara stayed on their lashes...and didn’t travel into creases

It stayed strong even after forgetting to take the mascara for the night

Eye rubbing didn’t move the mascara at all

Contacts and mascara could finally coexist without irritation

“Raccoon eyes” were a thing of the past


“OMG! This stuff is fantastic! As I've aged, my lashes, which have always been long and full, started to become difficult to curl using mascara and even a curler. This product has solved the problem.”

- White Lash Primer

Catherine B.

“I love this eyeliner pen because of how thin the pen is. If you like to be precise and love thin eyeliner, this is a great product for you. I love this eyeliner!”

- MicroPoint Eyeliner Pen

Erika B.

“Amazing product- of course that's expected by blinc. I had my eyebrows microbladed in 2019 and even though the shape is still there, the pigment has faded dramatically. This mousse exceeded my expectations. One swipe of this and it fills your browser hairs in, stays put and looks flawless for hours on end!”

- Eyebrow Mousse


"The best mascara ever. It's not too wet or dry, so is easy to apply without lashes sticking together. I can't believe how much length and volume I get from this. No smudging or flaking, but comes off easily when you want it to!”

- UltraVolume Tubing Mascara


"My forever mascara. I can honestly say that it is the best mascara I have ever used. I have been using mascara since I was in high school and am now retired! I use mascara almost every day, so I have used different brands over the years. This mascara is exceptional. It isn't clumpy at all. It separates my lashes and lengthens them really well. This is now my go to mascara. I highly recommend it."

- Original Tubing Mascara


"Can't do without it! GREAT primer! My thin, straight, and practically non existent lashes are beautifully volumized and lengthened - it's a perfect base for my blinc mascara. AND there is no clumping, no flaking, no smudging. It dries quickly so you can add your mascara almost immediately and provides double the volume and length. A perfect companion with my blinc mascara."

- Black Lash Primer

Licia D.

And it held up just as well during day-to-day life as it did for unique events, like...

• Healing after eye surgery

• Athletic performances

• Water sports

• Speaking engagements under hot spotlights

• Weddings

Our original tubing formula kept getting more press.

Magazines and beauty publications were trying it out and giving it their stamp of approval. Blinc mascara sailed to the top recommended lists of Vogue, Oprah Magazine, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Marie Claire, Prevention, Byrdie, Today, Who What Wear, Business Insider, US, POPSUGAR, InStyle, Glamour, Bustle, and more.

But beware: there’s lots of knock offs.

Some brands have tried to replicate our formula pretty closely. And some aren’t close at all, giving tubing technology a bad name. Some have even tried calling their oil-based formulas “tubing” mascaras. You may have even seen them in articles that have a lineup of best “tubing” mascaras.

But blinc is the very first tubing mascara—and we know tubing technology best. After all, we created it and have been working with it the longest.

Since our beginnings in the 90’s, we’ve branched out into ultra longwear cosmetics and beauty products. After all, what’s a lash look without being framed by a fabulous brow and lid?

We’re always looking to improve. Our fans asked and we delivered. Our Original and Amplified tubing mascaras set in under a minute, which is perfect for users that don’t want to layer later in the day.

That's what sparked the development of tubing technology.

It’s the tubing you love with the layering ability you want. Want to add more volume after your original application has already set? No problem. Swipe on another layer or two of the UltraVolume mascara to go from your day to night look. To top it off, we’ve also made the formula clean and vegan.