Makeup Artists' Top Lipstick Picks for Thin Lips

Many people with naturally thinner lips struggle to find the perfect lipstick formula, color, and type. To help, we consulted professional makeup artists for the most flattering shades and formulas. Read on for their expert tips and suggestions.

Prepping Your Lips: The Key to a Flawless Finish

Proper lip care and preparation are crucial, especially when dealing with thin lips. Applying Pretty Vulgar's Silent Treatment Matte Lip Moisturizer, enriched with a natural concoction of plant oils, provides anti-aging benefits, hydration, protection, and skin soothing. It also rejuvenates the skin by diminishing fine lines around the lips. It delivers a subtle hint of citrus cordial flavor and an ultra-matte finish while protecting against environmental damage, ensuring your lips are ready for any lipstick application.


Makeup Artists' Top Lipstick Picks for Thin Lips


Moisturizing Balm Lipsticks: The Go-To Choice

Celebrity makeup artists stress that lip balms and moisturizing lipsticks are ideal for women with thinner lips. Matte lipsticks can make lips feel and appear drier over time, so a moisturizing formula, like Pretty Vulgar's Bury Them With a Smile Lipstick, is a must.

This long lasting matte lipstick is richly pigmented and provides a creamy texture containing mango seed butter, shea butter, and avocado oil. This blend helps hydrate and nourish lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines, ensuring a smoother application and a more youthful look. Available in five shades, it is also Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free.


Makeup Artists' Top Lipstick Picks for Thin Lips

Enhancing Lip Volume & Hydration: Glosses That Make a Difference

For those looking to add volume and shine to their lips, a lip plumping gloss can be highly effective. Pretty Vulgar's Poisonous Pout Plumping Lipgloss is a non-sticky, high-shine, color-rich gloss infused with a derivative of menthol for a cooling sensation. It contains a natural peptide complex to make your lips look firmer, smoother, and fuller. Additional vitamins, such as A and B, moisturize and improve lip health, making this gloss an excellent choice for achieving a fuller-looking pout.


Makeup Artists' Top Lipstick Picks for Thin Lips


For the ultimate in hydration and shine, a lightweight lip gloss made with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and hydrating esters can provide intense hydration. Pretty Vulgar's CEO of Lip Gloss is designed with 3% hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and hydrating Esters to intensely hydrate your lips. This gloss improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhances skin elasticity, and stimulates cell regeneration. The gelled emollient matrix technology ensures a non-tacky feel that won't run or feather, offering a lush, hydrated appearance, silky smooth texture, and high-shine finish.


Expert Tips for Lipstick Application on Thinner Lips

Prevent Feathering: Makeup artists suggest using a clear lip liner or one that matches the lip color to prevent feathering and create a more natural look. A slightly creamy lip liner is recommended for easy blending with your lipstick, gloss, or balm.

Consider Skin Undertones: When selecting a lipstick shade, consider your skin undertones. For medium and warm undertones, most shades will work well. Cooler undertones often look best in blue-based reds, while olive complexions shine in coral-reds.

Enhance Volume: To create the illusion of fuller lips, apply a lip liner just outside your natural lip line and fill in with a matching lipstick or gloss. For added dimension, dab a bit of gloss or a lighter shade of lipstick in the center of your lips.

Layer for Longevity: For longer-lasting color, layer your lipstick. Start with a lip liner, apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, and apply a second coat. This layering technique helps the color adhere better and stay vibrant throughout the day.

Choosing the right lipstick involves understanding the benefits of moisturizing ingredients, anti-aging properties, and the importance of proper lip preparation. By following these expert tips and product recommendations, you can enhance your lips' natural beauty, achieve a more radiant look, and enjoy healthier, more fuller looking lips.

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