2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests

2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests


Being a guest at a wedding gives you an ideal chance to flaunt a stunning makeup style that's bound to attract attention, without overshadowing the bride. While the bridal makeup often leans towards the classic and subdued, as a guest, you can afford to be a bit more daring.

Navigating wedding guest makeup is all about balance—enhancing your features without going over the top. It’s key not to cross into territory that might detract from the occasion. For instance, while a bold graphic eyeliner might feel too avant-garde, a swipe of pastel eyeshadow or a metallic tint can add just the right amount of flair. 

Makeup artists suggest opting for trends that elevate without overwhelming, like a luminous ‘pearl skin’ effect or a soft, berry-tinted lip which are perfect for adding a touch of understated glamour.

To help you hit the right note and look unforgettable on the dance floor (in the best way), we’ve consulted with beauty experts on the top trends for this 2024 wedding season. So, whether you’re sipping champagne at the reception or tearing it up at the after-party, your makeup will be nothing short of stunning.


Pearly and Radiant

2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests


The “pearl skin” trend is a big hit this year, and you can get that ethereal glow with a veil of super-delicate shimmering highlighter in the places it counts. For a goddess-like radiance, lightly apply a product like Pretty Vulgar’s Just Glow With It Face & Body Highlighter where it matters most—your cheekbones, brow bones, nose, cupid’s bow, chin, and even a touch on your eyelids.

Available in three shades to satisfy all skin types and tones, Just Glow With It Face & Body Liquid Highlighter is Vegan and Gluten-Free and contains light reflecting pearls to highlight the high points of the face. It can be worn on bare skin, over makeup, or mixed in with moisturizer, foundation, or primer for a glow-from-within effect. The buildable, water-based formula is paraben and oil-free offering a silky, smooth texture that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and luminous with no heavy or sticky feel.



2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests

While not all TikTok trends hit the mark, berry girl makeup is a timeless choice that suits any wedding guest. This style, featuring rich, berry shades like cranberry, burgundy, and plum, not only looks stunning but is also a safer beauty bet.

For a flawless start, makeup artists advise applying a medium-coverage foundation to even out the skin tone. Then, for a cohesive, berry-toned glow, use Pretty Vulgar’s Make Them Blush Powder Blush. Free from cruelty, parabens, sulfates, and fragrances, offering a silky, long-wearing highly pigmented formula that brings a natural glow to your complexion. A pro makeup artist tip is to blend a little of the same blush used on your cheeks into the crease of your eyes with a blending brush to unify the entire look.

Available in a variety of berry shades, Make Them Blush Powder Blush gives a buildable application that can elevate your makeup from simple to stunning, ensuring you look radiant without overshadowing the wedding party.

Dewy and Natural


2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests


A minimalist beauty routine—think dewy skin, a natural blush, and just a hint of mascara, is ideal for an outdoor summer wedding when heavy makeup feels burdensome. Makeup artists suggest starting off with a lightweight tinted primer like Pretty Vulgar Bird’s Nest Blurring Beauty Mousse that can’t get cakey. This multitasking BB primer delivers light, buildable coverage while smoothing and minimizing pores. Its rich, plant-based antioxidant blend helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and gives your skin a naturally radiant finish—setting the perfect base for the dewey and natural wedding look.


Frosted Eyeshadow

2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests


Weddings have a way of feeling magical, whether it’s due to the romance in the air or the lavish decor. For such a mystical event, an ethereal, shimmery makeup look is perfectly fitting. Frosted eyeshadow captures this essence beautifully, adding a touch of whimsy and enchantment. This trend suits any wedding, as you can adapt the colors to fit the season; frosted light pink for spring, soft baby blue or yellow for summer, and icy white in the winter.

To achieve a look that's more refined than overly sparkly, consider using the Pretty Vulgar Pretty Birdie Eyeshadow Palette. This palette features 12 long-wearing, highly pigmented eyeshadows in a mix of matte, shimmer, and satin finishes. Created with soft-textured pigments, these eyeshadows offer a luxuriously smooth, creamy, and blendable application. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle frost or a bold iridescent statement, this cruelty-free and fragrance-free palette allows for perfect customization, ensuring your makeup is as enchanting as the occasion itself.

'90s Supermodel


2024 Top Makeup Trends for Wedding Guests


Channel your inner '90s supermodel for your next glitzy evening wedding, inspired by icons like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Celebrity Makeup artists suggest crafting this classic look with sultry brown smokey eyes using the Pretty Vulgar's Phoenix Rising Eyeshadow Palette. These fiery, warm-toned shades in matte, shimmer, and satin finishes provide a luxuriously smooth, creamy application that blends seamlessly. Apply the shadow along your top and bottom lash lines, then smudge and blend for a perfectly lived-in effect. Seal that quintessential '90s look with overlined lips using a dark brown pencil, filled in with a shade of nude for a chic, timeless appearance.

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