Glow with Honey Lips - Your Sweetest Step-By-Step Guide

Glow with Honey Lips - Your Sweetest Step-By-Step Guide
The Honey Lips trend on TikTok is all the buzz right now, and who can resist those golden, luscious, and oh-so-glossy lips? Whether you're craving that syrupy goodness or simply want to add some radiance to your look, we've got you covered. In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll walk you through achieving those coveted Honey Lips, all while incorporating Pretty Vulgar's fabulous lip products for that extra touch of glamour.

Step 1: Gather Your Essentials
Before we dive into the tutorial, make sure you've got these essentials on hand:

  • A warm nude lip liner or a red/maroon liner, depending on your style.
  • A gold highlighter or eyeshadow for that sweet honey-like shimmer.
  • A glossy lip product, like lip gloss or lip oil.
  • A scrub and a treatment base to keep those lips in prime condition.

Step 2: Prep Your Canvas
Before you take the plunge into the world of Honey Lips, it's essential to give your lips some TLC. Kick things off by saying goodbye to dryness and flakes. Whip up a quick and easy homemade scrub by mixing honey with sugar for a delightful, honey-themed exfoliation.
And here's a tip: make Pretty Vulgar's Silent Treatment Matte Lip Moisturizer your lip care sidekick. This gluten, paraben, and talc-free formula isn't just for makeup; it's your ticket to daily lip pampering and makeup prep rolled into one. Packed with plant oils that bring a whole bunch of benefits like anti-aging properties, hydration, protection, soothing relief, and a rejuvenating touch, it's the ideal base for your Honey Lips or a nourishing nightly treat for your lips.

Step 3: Honey Glow
To really capture the Honey Lips vibe, take your gold highlighter and use your fingertip to gently dab it onto the center of your lips. Focus on accentuating your cupid's bow and the middle of your lower lip. For this dazzling step, reach for Pretty Vulgar's Just Glow With It Face & Body Highlighter in the irresistible Honey Hustle shade. This highlighter works for all skin tones and features light-reflecting pearls that are tailor-made to enhance your lips' glow. Plus, its silky-smooth texture ensures you get all the shimmer without any unwanted stickiness. It's the perfect pick to achieve that radiant, honey-like shimmer, an absolute must for rocking this trend.

Step 4: Line It Right
For that extra lip allure, it's time to define those lips. You can go for a neutral pink or a chic brown lip liner that perfectly matches your natural lip shade. If you're up for a bit more drama, why not go a tad darker? Now, here's where you get to choose your liner based on the Honey Lips style you're aiming for. Go for a warm nude if you're all about that classic 'Honey Lips' look, or pick a bold red liner to add a fiery twist for that 'Hot Honey' vibe. When you outline those lips, do it with precision, ensuring that your chosen color harmonizes beautifully with your shimmering base."

Step 5: Gloss It Up
Now, let's dive into the grand finale. It's time to generously apply your chosen glossy lip product. Whether you're into a tinted gloss or prefer a clear shine, it's all about your personal style. Pretty Vulgar's CEO of Lipgloss offers 5 shades to play around with, and the high shine it delivers is your secret for perfect Honey Lips. Made with 3% Hyaluronic Acid, this lipgloss provides long-lasting hydration with a non-tacky feel that won't run or feather, ensuring your lips stay shiny and irresistibly sweet!

So, whether you opt for a bold statement or a subtle radiance, the Honey Lips trend is all about embracing the golden, luscious glow without all the stickiness. From the essential lip prep to the final touch of high-shine gloss, Pretty Vulgar's fantastic lip products like the Silent Treatment Matte Lip Moisturizer and CEO of Lip Gloss, make this trend a breeze to pull off. So, go ahead pout, smile, and embrace the Honey Lips allure, and let your lips steal the spotlight.


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