8 Unique 2022 Makeup Trends To Become “That Girl”

How to become That Girl in 2022: get bold and nostalgic with your makeup

After consecutive summers of shut-down events during the pandemic, people are thrilled to get back to the activities they love. From concerts to coffee with friends, people are relieved to reconnect and have events worth putting on makeup for.

Nostalgia is in the air too. We thought they’d never show their faces again, but the ‘90s and 2000s looks are proudly coming back. The sober matte neutrals of the past few years have lost their luster. Whimsy, glam, and festive colors are matching the summer 2022 mood.

People are dipping into these nostalgic trends for the pure fun and self-indulgence—and we’re all here for it!

Has your inner “it” girl been hiding in the background? Fascinated by unique makeup…but hasn’t really indulged in the zesty trends she’s admired? Then 2022 is your year. It’s time to explore!

Girls who own their unique makeup details are willing to try out trends that make them feel empowered. That’s how to become that girl in 2022.

Here are eight 2022 makeup trends to try and own:

1. Rosy Glow: blush as cheekbone contour 

This technique has been around since the ‘70s. You may have heard it called blush draping. It’s similar to contouring, but with a warmer feel. It trades the serious, heavily-sculpted look of classic contouring for a warmer, rosier, post-beach vacation definition. 

To get that rosy glow, suck in your cheeks like a fish to define those cheekbones. Apply at the top of your cheekbones to mirror a glowing sun-kissed look. You can also apply some to the bridge of the nose and your hairline. Add a little at a time so you don't over-pink your cheeks like a doll on the first application.

For the best results and the most natural-looking definition, use high pigment blushes.

2. Sparkling Eyes: glitter and gemstones around your eyes 

The show Euphoria, the Y2K throwback movement, and that general itch for more pizazz have brought back the sparkles. 2022 is a glitter year—especially for festive summer events.

If you want to apply glitter dust as eyeshadow, or around your face, try this genius hack. Apply a thin base layer of petroleum jelly, like vaseline, before applying the glitter. Easy, cheap, and keeps the glitter flakes out of your eyes!

If you’re using glitter in your makeup look, go all in. It doesn’t have to just act as eyeshadow. Try applying it on your cheekbones like contour, on your temples, or under your collar bones.

3. Easy on the Eyebrows: thin, defined eyebrows 

Large and straight in-charge eyebrows had their day–but the 2000s minimal eyebrow movement is coming back.

Thankfully, there are much better options than the ’90s and 2000s heavy tweezing. Your brow hairs are safe with the recent brow brushing trend.

To achieve the light eyebrow look, brush your brows in with an eyebrow gel to hold. Another option is to brush them in and define them with a brow pencil.

4. Fluff It Up: full, fluffy eyebrows

Not about that skinny brow life? Try this cousin to the 2016 bushy-brow trend. Thankfully, it’s much easier. No need to master that enviable brow blending.

You can create your look with eyebrow gels or specialty eyebrow soap. But the greatest part of this trend is that you can use regular bar soap. Look for the ones made with glycerin for the best stick. Apply with a toothbrush or a spoolie (the brush that comes with mascara) in upward strokes to achieve the look.

5. Soft & Sweet: pastel shades are back 

Matte pastels. Shiny pastels. All forms of pastel shades are in with this deliciously whimsical trend. The beauty of this trend is that both a minimal look AND a maximal look are super in.

If you’ve ever been intimidated by colorful eyeshadow, it’s your time to shine. No need to get complicated with multiple colors and blending.

You’ve got options. There’s always the classic sweep of eyeshadow across the lids. But consider using a light pastel in the corners of the eyes as a highlighter. Not brave enough to try the trending periwinkles, green, and aqua? Pastel pink is a great way to step gently into the trend.

6. Faux Freckles: DIY freckles 

Here’s another trend that lets you use what you already have in your makeup stash. You could get a dedicated freckle pen. …Or you can use your brow pencil or a waterproof eye pencil for a low commitment, high impact alternative.

If you try the waterproof eyeliner, start by gently dotting on the freckles, then pressing them for more definition and a slight blend.

If you opt for the brow pencil, make irregular dots. And for both, opt for a brown that isn’t too dark. A setting spray will be your friend for keeping it all in place!

7. Bold Lined: rich colors & lined lips

Bold colored lips and contrasting lip lining are back. And thankfully the trending look isn’t as aggressive as it was in the ‘90s. All you need is a shade or two darker to oomph up the color transitions of your lips. It’s almost ombre, like a subtle sunset.

2022’s lined lips are also more refined than the overlining seen in the past few years. Overlining can have a transforming effect, but it’s a disaster when done wrong. The secret? Focus the lip liner on your cupid’s bow.

And 2022’s It Girl colors are all drama. It’s hard not to feel like the main character when wearing a red or burgundy lip. For the best results, keep those lips from getting chapped–bold lips are some of the least forgiving.

8. Gloss Over It: plumping lip gloss 

It’s the ideal trend for anyone who struggles to keep their lips hydrated, yet wants that plump, juicy look.

To keep your gloss from feathering, stay away from your lip line when you apply. Instead of applying the gloss like lipstick, start in the middle then rub your lips together. Then refrain from any more lip-pursing!

How to be THAT girl in 2022: get bold, nostalgic, and playful with your makeup

Whether the 2022’s makeup trends are a throwback or an inspiration, claim (or reclaim) those looks for your own.

We love that the unique 2022 makeup trends can be a personality match OR contradiction. Who doesn’t love a bubbly personality with colorful lids to match? And the paradox of the shy wallflower enjoying a signature bold lips? We’re all here for it!

If you’re ready to jump on board with the 2022 makeup trends (but you only have expired early 2000’s original makeup in your drawer), it’s time for some new products. Pastel palettes, glosses, glitter, brow mousse, and more—shop Pretty Vulgar’s vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics with the signature aesthetic packaging.

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