Blinc Ultra Long-wearing Mascaras & Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes

Bullet Points
  • No More Flakes: Traditional mascaras often flake, irritating eyes, particularly for allergy sufferers or contact lens wearers. Blinc's Tubing Technology prevents our mascaras and eyeliners from flaking, smudging, or running, making them ideal for sensitive eyes.

  • Gentle Removal: Those with sensitive eyes need to avoid rubbing and harsh eye makeup removers. Blinc mascaras and eyeliners don't require either. They are easy to remove with water and gentle pressure, without leaving any tint, residue, or buildup that can cause irritation.

  • Superior Hold: Blinc's Tubing Technology mascaras outperform both traditional and waterproof mascaras when it comes to extreme long-lasting grip, making it a favored option for people with sensitive eyes.