All-Day, All-Night Festival Marathon Glam

Blinc Product Benefits
  • Raccoon Eyes No More: Blinc's Tubing Technology ensures your mascara and eyeliner won't clump, flake, smudge, or run, even during the hottest festival days.

  • Sweat-Resistant Hold: Dance all day and night without worrying about your makeup. Blinc products outperform traditional and waterproof options, staying put through heat and sweat.

  • Easy to Remove: After the festival marathon fun, easily remove your makeup with just water and gentle pressure. The tiny tubes slide off your lashes and lids, leaving no tint, residue, or buildup behind.

  • No Harsh Removers Needed: Skip the makeup remover. Blinc’s innovative formula is gentle on your skin, offering ultra-longwear hold and easy removal for a healthier makeup experience.