Look Perfect on Your Big Day with Blinc's Tubing Technology

Blinc Product Benefits
  • Tear-Proof Beauty: Blinc’s Tubing Technology ensures your mascara and eyeliner last all day and night through tears of joy, sweat, and emotional times. You won't have to worry about smudges or raccoon eyes during the ceremony, reception, or after-party.

  • No Touch-Ups Needed: With Blinc's ultra-longwear hold, there's no need for touch-ups throughout your big day. Focus on your celebration without worrying about your makeup, knowing it will stay perfect from start to finish.

  • Simple Removal without Chemicals: At the end of the day, Blinc products slide off with just water and gentle pressure, leaving no residue or buildup behind. This means no harsh eye makeup removers or rubbing the sensitive skin around your eyes.