Which Tubing Mascara Is Best for Your Eye Shape?

Understanding your eye shape goes beyond just looks; it's about embracing the art of eye makeup and your unique expression. Whether you have almond, round, hooded, upturned, or monolid eyes, there's a mascara technique that brings out the best in your eyes and lets your personal style shine through.

The Art of Applying Mascara: Pro Tips and Techniques

Before we focus on the various eye shapes, let's cover some basic application tips and techniques.  By mastering these below simple steps, your lashes will always look their best, making your eyes the focal point of your face:

  1. Curl Your Lashes: A heated eyelash curler works wonders by giving your lashes that coveted upward curl, especially important for those with straight lashes.
  2. Use Eyelash Primer: For enhanced mascara longevity, lash thickness, and separation, an eyelash primer is a makeup bag essential. 
  3. Vertical Wand for Bottom Lashes: For a full and even application, hold the mascara wand vertically to coat even the tiniest bottom lashes.
  4. Layer Carefully: Be cautious when layering multiple eye products, as excessive coats of mascara can lead to clumping or flaking.
  5. Routine Brush Maintenance: Frequently cleanse your mascara brush to avoid product buildup and guarantee effortless application. This also helps in lowering the chances of contracting eye diseases.

Almond-Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes, with their unique pointed ends and full centers, are perfect for playing around with different mascara techniques.

For a fresh, daytime look, curl your upper lashes and choose a mascara like Blinc Amplified Tubing Mascara creating a soft glam look. Apply it in light coats, so that it forms tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes, rather than painting them like conventional mascaras.

Which Tubing Mascara Is Best for Your Eye Shape?

Once applied, the tiny tubes bind to your lashes and can't run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you sweat, cry, or rub your eyes. Blinc's Amplified Tubing Mascara does it all -curl, lengthen, volumize and define, making it the perfect choice for almond shaped eyes.

For a bold evening look, create maximum volume and length by starting with a lash primer as your base and then add multiple coats of Blinc's Amplified Mascara for more dramatic lashes.

Round Eyes

Round eyes have a naturally wide and inviting look, making them perfect for trying out different mascara styles. The goal is to focus on boosting definition and length by using a product like Blinc's Lash Extension Tubing Mascara.
Which Tubing Mascara Is Best for Your Eye Shape?

This mascara is Clean, Vegan, Gluten-Free and buildable. It creates ultra longwearing, striking length, and extreme definition for a lash extensions effect in a semi-matte finish. Infused with Biotin, Shea Butter, and castor Seed Oil, it also provides deep treatment for your lashes

To create a more almond-like appearance, concentrate the mascara application on the upper lash line, focusing on the outer corners. Keep the bottom lash application light or skip it entirely to avoid overly emphasizing the roundness of the eyes.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes, with their distinct brow bone and deep crease, often feature an extra layer of skin over much of the eyelid, giving the illusion of smaller eyes. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Emma Stone are known for their hooded eyes, yet they consistently create beautiful looks that really make their eyes stand out.

The key mascara for hooded eyes is using one that is smudge and smear-proof, like any of Blinc's Tubing Mascaras. Start by curling your lashes upwards with a heated curler to create a more open, wide-eyed effect. Then, pick one of the four Tubing Mascaras and apply it as you would any mascara.

Which Tubing Mascara Is Best for Your Eye Shape?
Begin at the base of your lashes for perfect separation, then sweep upwards. Blinc's innovative tubing technology creates small water-resistant tubes around your lashes instead of just coating them. These” tubes” stay put on your lashes without running, smudging, clumping, or flaking, even through sweat, tears, or rubbing your eyes.
Which Tubing Mascara Is Best for Your Eye Shape?

Upturned Eyes

The main characteristics of upturned eyes are that the outer corners of the eye turn upwards and reach higher than the inner corner of the eye. This type of eye shape is also known as a cat-eye giving the appearance of an exotic eye lift.

To highlight the unique cat-eye shape of upturned eyes, use a voluminous mascara such as Blinc's Ultravolume Tubing Mascara focusing on the outer corners to emphasize the cat-eyed shape.

Upturned eyes are one of the most versatile eye shapes, so applying mascara is usually easy. However,  don't overdo your lashes as it can make this eye shape appear smaller and give the illusion of droopiness. Therefore, it's crucial to use techniques that keep your eyes looking bright and stunning.

Single Eyelids (Monolids)

For monolids, which typically lack a visible eyelid crease, the goal is to create a more defined eye shape. Start by using a heated eyelash curler to gently lift your lashes, which tend to grow downward because of the weight of the eyelids.

For mascara, a lengthening type like Blinc's Lash Extension Tubing Mascara is best for monolids. Avoid volumizing mascaras to prevent clumpy lashes, which can occur because of limited lid space. Apply your mascara horizontally at the lash line, wiggling and dragging the brush upward for a lifted lash effect. This technique not only lengthens lashes but also helps open up the eye, creating the illusion of a larger lid.

Monolids are particularly prone to smudging, so a water-resistant tubing mascara is your best bet. Since tubing mascaras form tiny tubes around each lash, they can't smear, smudge or flake even with sweat, tears and oily skin.

Mascara isn't just a cosmetic item; it's a powerful tool that can transform your look when applied with the right techniques.

Knowing your eye shape and mastering the latest mascara application methods can turn your eyes into captivating features. Whether you're getting ready for a big event or just a regular day at work, the correct application of mascara can elevate your entire appearance. Explore the art of mascara, and let your eyes sparkle like never before.

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