What’s The Best Summer Mascara For Hot Days? Ditch Waterproof, Upgrade To Tubing Mascara

Like bug bites, sunburns, and sticky clothing, sweating off mascara is a summer detail we tend to forget until the heat hits us. No one wants to plan their summer look around under-eye flecks or raccoon eyes.

Once afternoon rolls around, we makeup wearers are no stranger to midday touch-ups. Or worse…trying to salvage your mascara when you forgot your tube at home. Or even worse—getting home at the end of the day to see that your mascara is everywhere but your lashes.

It feels like the only way to keep your mascara looking fresh is to never make an appearance outside…or exercise…or go to the beach… or do any summer activity for very long.

Tubing mascara is your answer for stay-put mascara on hot days. The formula simply doesn’t run into the problems of traditional or waterproof mascara. That’s why OpenFit voted blinc’s Amplified tubing mascara as one of the best sweat proof mascaras.

When you consider the different ingredients in mascara and how they work, it’s clear to see why tubing mascara holds up best in the summer heat.

Traditional mascara

For most of us makeup wearers, the classic oil-based formula was our first mascara. Traditional mascaras’ poor performance in the heat is the whole reason we’re looking for another solution.

Just one wear of the traditional formula on a hot summer day leaves you with raccoon eyes, transferred formula on your brow bone, mascara in your lid creases, and flecks in your eye. Even if you’re not dealing with the summer heat, sweat or oily skin can make traditional mascara fall apart.

Waterproof mascara

Most of us have opted for this mascara formula at some point. We’d hoped that it would make our lashes stay put at the beach, at a tearful summer wedding, or through a generally sweaty day.

Waterproof mascara is made to withstand sweat and tears, right? Not exactly. Your sweat isn’t water, per se…so a “waterproof” mascara targeting sweaty lids is misleading.

Waterproof mascara is traditional mascara with a sealing effect. Both are oil-based, but waterproof mascara has more wax or silicone. However, they have one thing in common. Both are best removed with an oil-based makeup remover.

The same goes with your skin‘s sweat and tears. Both have natural oils—oils that can break down traditional and waterproof mascara. Don’t feel crazy if you’ve ever had waterproof mascara that didn’t seem to be “waterproof” once sweat, tears, or natural oils hit it!

Tubing mascara

Tubing mascara isn’t oil-based at all. The polymer formula paints on with a familiar feel of traditional mascara. However, once it sets, that’s where the similarities end.

The formula creates tubes that encase each lash. The mascara stays set and lashes stay separated—even when they’re exposed to sweat or eye rubbing. The tiny tubes hold their shape and won’t shed any flakes. Plus, since tubing mascara formula can’t melt, you also won’t see any running or transferring.

Let’s break down the six biggest reasons tubing mascara is the best summer mascara for an all-day hold.

     1. Tubing mascara doesn’t transfer

Oh, summer. When your makeup look starts out perfect in the morning…but has collected on the top of your lids by the afternoon.

What makes this happen? Generally, it’s the oils in your skin breaking down your makeup. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara…if any of these come in contact with your oily upper lid, they can get relocated.

Tubing mascara avoids this entirely because it’s not oil-based. When it’s applied, it sets, keeping its hold. It can’t get melted by oil, the sun, or the heat from your skin.

     2. Sweat and oily skin are no match

Because your skin's natural sweat and oil break down traditional mascara, you'll find that hot days speed up the process. Your lashes might be safe if you didn’t let anything potentially get oil on them.

But can you really go a whole day in the summer without squinting, blinking, or off-handedly rubbing your eye? The best summer mascara is one that lets your lash look live in real life.

     3. You’ll enjoy run-free mascara

Whether it's into your eyes or under your eyes, running mascara is ruined mascara. With traditional mascara, there's no un-clumping it once your lashes decide to stick together. Trying to comb out your lashes either thins out the mascara or pulls out your lashes.

Thankfully, there’s no running with tubing mascara because the formula doesn't melt. Yes, even when you're ready to take it off at the end of the day. To remove tubing mascara, the formula doesn’t get broken down. Instead, the tubes get soft and loosen around your lashes, allowing them to slide off in single pieces.

     4. You can put on facial products without fear

Guess what else has oils? That’s right—many sunscreens, lotions, serums, and more. Ever notice that your mascara has a worse hold on days you apply sunscreen, moisturizer, tanning oil, and more? Like an oil-based makeup remover,  lotions and cosmetics with oils make your mascara formula break down.

You won't have this issue with tubing technology. Once the formula is on and set, it resists both water AND oil. Brush it on then apply whatever other cosmetic, oil, or lotion you’d like.

     6. You’ll avoid eye irritation 

The combo of mascara and sweat is an eye irritant waiting to happen. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for wearing mascara in hot weather. Hot and humid weather is notorious for giving mascara users more mascara flecks in the eye.

Tubing mascara removes in a single piece off each lash. And that’s only when you soak it with water and apply pressure. You won’t have to worry about sweating flakes into your eyes when you wear tubing mascara.

     7. You can wear contacts or glasses 

Contact wearers are no stranger to painful mascara flakes—and unsightly flecks hanging on to the edges of the contacts. Glasses wearers are familiar with mascara streaks from lashes that brush the lense.

Imagine enjoying mascara without those annoyances. With tubing mascara, your mascara is at no risk of transferring or flaking.

Want your eyeshadow and eyeliner to hold as well as your mascara? Add a primer to your makeup routine so that none of your eye cosmetics end up in your eyes or around your lids.

Tubing technology: the best makeup for summer heat

Wish there was an eyeliner that had the same summer-enduring benefits as tubing mascara? Blinc has you covered. Tubing mascara’s original pioneers weren’t going to stop at mascara! Blinc offers the only eyeliner with tubing technology. Enjoy the flake-free, smudge-proof, water-plus-pressure removal benefits…all in an eyeliner.

The best place to buy tubing mascara is from the pioneers of the original technology. We’ve been improving tubing technology since its birth in the ‘90s and we haven’t stopped.

Shop here to find the best summer mascara that flawlessly fits your daily routine. And don’t forget to subscribe to our emails to catch discounts and news!

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