What Is Tubing Mascara?

All your tubing mascara questions answered

First of all—what IS tubing mascara?

Tubing mascara is a mascara formula that creates tiny polymer tubes around each individual lash. This creates unmatched lash separation, hold, and longevity. Because it’s not an oil-based paint, like a traditional mascara, it doesn’t run, flake, or smear. 

It also doesn’t require makeup remover to come off. All you need is to apply plenty of water and light pressure. This loosens the tubes enough for them to slide off your lashes.

The very first tubing mascara technology was developed by blinc cosmetics. It’s a fan favorite for people with sensitive eyes, corrective lenses, oily skin, humid hometowns, and busy lifestyles. You’ve seen blinc in Sephora and in publications like Allure, Glamour, US, Byrdie, Bustle, Business Insider, Who What Wear, Health, and more.

Application – How do you use tubing mascara?

Applying tubing mascara is similar to applying traditional mascara. Use the wand to distribute the formula from the base of your lashes up to the tips. Apply extra on the tips if you’d like to enhance length. Build more layers if you’d like to boost volume.

However, because the formula sets more firmly than standard mascara, don’t wait for a layer to dry before building another layer. For the best results, apply all the layers you’d like before it dries. The window of time is about 30 seconds. Some tubing mascaras, like the UltraVolume, can have extra layers added after it dries.

Before application, you’ll want to ensure that your lashes are completely clean and dry. Serums, moisturizers, and lotions can keep tubing mascara from adhering properly.

If you enjoy curled lashes, curl them before applying your tubing mascara.

If you accidentally get a glob of mascara on your lashes, simply use a dry cotton swab to wipe it away.

Before closing your mascara, make sure the mouth of the tube is clean. You can wipe excess mascara off with a dry cotton swab. This helps prevent the formula from caking, which can “glue” the cap shut and damage the bottle.

Also, be sure to close your bottle promptly and tightly after each use. This helps prevent the formula from drying out.

Removal – How do you take off tubing mascara?

Tubing mascara removal is fast and easy, making it one of its most popular benefits. All you need is water and pressure.

  1. Start by thoroughly wetting your lashes with water. You can use warm or cool water. Splashing water on your face, pressing a soaked washcloth or cotton ball to your face, or standing under a showerhead will work just fine. Once your lashes are thoroughly soaked, it only takes a few seconds for the adhesiveness to wear off.

  2. Gently apply pressure to your lashes. The water loosens each tube and the pressure slides them off the lashes. Rub your lashes from the inside corner outward or delicately pull the tubes off with your fingertips, a washcloth, or a cotton ball.

The individual tubes will slide off your lashes in a single piece. They may look like your actual lashes—but we promise, your lashes are not getting pulled out.

If your tubing mascara still resists coming off, add more water.

Makeup removers don’t effectively remove tubing mascara. Liquid makeup remover, makeup removing balms, makeup removing wipes, and micellar water are made to break up and remove oil-based makeup. Since tubing mascara isn’t oil-based, makeup removers have inconsistent effects.

Need to remove makeup and tubing mascara? Start with the tubing mascara removal using water and light pressure. Once you’re done, you can use any makeup remover for any additional cosmetics. 

Is tubing mascara good or bad for your lashes

Tubing mascara has no effect on the health of your lashes themselves. But when it comes to what’s around them—your eyes, lids, pores, and tear ducts—tubing mascara has significant health benefits compared with traditional mascara.

The flakeless, unsmearable formula ensures the mascara stays on your lashes…and nowhere else. This keeps residue from clogging pores and ducts, a common problem with traditional mascara.

It also keeps specks from dusting your undereyes and creases. Better yet, there are no irritating flecks to fall in your eyes or get caught under your lids.

If a stray tube happens to get in your eye during removal, you’ll still stay irritation-free. The tubes are soft, painless, and easy to remove.

The removal process is also healthier than that of regular mascara. There’s no need to use harsh makeup removing products. Plus, the delicate, wrinkle-prone skin around your eyes doesn’t need the aggressive rubbing it takes to remove standard mascara.

If you’re prone to eye infections, styes, breakouts, and eye sensitivity, then tubing mascara is an excellent option for you. It also plays well with contacts and glasses. 

Tubing mascara vs regular mascara: what’s the difference?

The main difference between tubing mascara and regular mascara is the ingredients. These ingredients have a major impact on the mascara’s hold, sweat and tear resistance, and ease of removal.

Regular mascara

Regular mascara resembles pigmented oil paint. Typically, additional layers can be added once the previous layer dries.

Taking off regular mascara requires a remover that dissolves the formula. This breaks it down into a goo that’s prone to leaving residue and getting in the eyes. Depending on how tightly the mascara adheres to the lashes, regular mascara often requires firmly rubbing your eyes to remove it completely.

Regular mascara has varying levels of water resistance, even if it’s labeled “waterproof.” Even a waterproof mascara may not be resistant to fluids with natural oils, like sweat and tears.

Tubing mascara

Tubing mascara is made of polymers. Even though it can be “painted” on with a traditional mascara wand, it sets as a single unit around each lash. This keeps it from flaking or smearing, even if it gets water, tears, or sweat on it.

To build volume with tubing mascara, you’ll generally want to add your layers while the formula is still wet.

Tubing mascara removal only requires a combo of water and light pressure. The process requires them together—water or rubbing alone doesn’t take off the formula. Also, makeup removers generally aren’t effective.

Soaking the lashes releases the adhesion. Gently rubbing, pulling, or wiping the lashes pulls off the loosened tubes. Instead of coming off as a dissolved formula, tubing mascara removes as single tubes off each lash. This dramatically reduces your risk of irritation from mascara residue, flakes, harsh rubbing, and makeup remover itself.

How can you tell if a mascara is a tubing mascara?

We’re the original pioneers of tubing mascara here at blinc, but we’ve seen plenty of knock-offs. Just because a brand calls a mascara a “tubing mascara” doesn’t mean it uses true tubing technology. Some mascaras that aren’t true tubing mascaras will use similar names like tubular mascara or tube mascara.

Here are a few ways to determine whether a mascara is really a tubing mascara:

  1. Does it require a makeup remover to come off? If it does, then it’s not tubing technology. Tubing formula doesn’t break down like traditional makeup when makeup remover is applied.

  2. Can it run or smear after it’s been applied? If it can, then it’s probably a regular oil-based formula. A true tubing mascara sets once it dries—you can’t smear it or make it run if you tried!

  3. Does it flake? If so, then it’s not tubing. Tubing technology sets as a single tube, rather than as a paint that can flake off layer by layer.

  4. Are polymers in the ingredient list? If so, then you’ve got a strong clue that it’s tubing. This ingredient creates the casing for each lash.

  5. Does it “melt” when removed? A tubing mascara will not turn into gray or black residue when it's removed. Instead, it comes off in tubes, which can look like lashes or chunks.

Tears & swimming – is tubing mascara waterproof?

Tubing mascara is water-resistant—when wet, it’ll stay put as long as no pressure is applied. Because it requires water for removal, it can’t technically be called “waterproof.”

But if you’re looking for something that will hold up to tears or a beach day, tubing mascara is even better than traditional waterproof mascara.

Ever worn waterproof mascara…only to have it smudge after crying or sweating? That’s because, while it’s waterproof, it’s not oil-proof. The natural oils in your sweat and tears can still cause waterproof mascara to melt.

Tubing formula doesn’t run or smear, so you’re never going to get raccoon eyes or running mascara. That’s why blinc consistently gets rated as a top mascara to wear on your wedding day.

To keep your lash look on when wet, avoid touching your eyes or exposing them to running water. Letting them dry will allow them to set back into place. Rubbing, wiping, or clenching your eyes shut can make the saturated tubes slide off. High water pressure, like ocean waves, water slides, and cannonballs into the pool, can also work off soaked tubing mascara.

Even if some of the tubes get removed, the remaining tubes will stay intact without clumping. Instead of running down your face, the mascara will come off in individual tubes. They’re as easy to wipe off as sand on your face. 

Shop tubing mascara from its original creators

Frequently imitated—yet never duplicated. If you want to enjoy the benefits of tubing mascara, come to the original innovators. At blinc cosmetics, we pioneered tubing technology in the ‘90s and haven’t stopped since.

Our Original tubing mascara is the formula that started at all. It’s a go-to if you enjoy a light, natural lash look.

Our Amplified tubing mascara gives you the tubing benefits you love with even more volume and lash separation. Fans of the Amplified formula love the cone-shaped, extra-definition wand brush that gives them full, fanned-out lashes.

Our UltraVolume tubing mascara is the perfect choice if you are transitioning from traditional mascara to tubing mascara. Layers can be added even after the previous layer has dried. The brush also mimics that of traditional mascara.

Since we haven’t stopped innovating, we’ve taken tubing technology beyond mascara. If you’ve ever wished you could have the benefits of tubing mascara with an eyeliner, then you’re in luck. We’ve pioneered the first tubing technology Liquid Eyeliner. Trade in the fading and crease collecting of traditional eyeliner for the stay-put yet easy-to-removed benefits of tubing eyeliner.


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