What Is Tubing Eyeliner?

In the beauty world, where trends quickly come and go, some real game-changers stick around. Tubing Technology, invented by Blinc Cosmetics over 30 years ago, is one of those big innovations. It's completely changed the game in how we do eye makeup.

Tubing Eyeliner uses the same technology as Blinc's Tubing Mascara which wraps each eyelash in water-resistant tubes. This gives a level of smudge-proof, flake-proof, and ultra long-lasting wear that traditional mascaras can’t match. These tubes then slide off easily with just warm water and gentle pressure without harsh removers or vigorous rubbing. This makes tubing mascaras a perfect choice for sensitive eyes and anyone looking for a hassle-free makeup routine.

What Is Tubing Eyeliner?


Blinc’s Tubing Eyeliners perform the same way as tubing mascaras and are not only water-resistant but also boast Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Gluten-free benefits. But what truly sets these eyeliners apart from traditional options?

  1. Ultra Hold: Blinc’s Tubing Eyeliner  promises the same impressive staying power as their mascaras. This product creates a long-lasting, waterproof layer of vibrant color that won't smear, drip, or lose intensity. Great for enduring sweat, tears, or sudden rain.
  2. Perfect Precision: Creating that flawless cat-eye or sharp wing becomes effortless with this eyeliner. Its fine-tip brush ensures precise and controlled application for any look you want.
  3. Gentle on Sensitive Eyes: Specifically designed for sensitive eyes, this eyeliner is clinically tested for gentleness and perfect for those that have allergies or wear contact lenses. And because you don't need any harsh eye makeup removers, it eliminates rubbing the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Hassle-Free Removal: Say goodbye to the dreaded raccoon eyes that goes with eyeliner removal. This eyeliner peels off smoothly with just water and gentle pressure, without leaving any residue or damaging your lashes.

What Is Tubing Eyeliner?

Blinc’s Tubing Eyeliners are more than just another eye makeup product; they are another revolution that is shifting beauty routines. Just like tubing mascara, this eyeliner showcases Blinc Cosmetics' dedication to innovative, high-performance products. Perfect for those wanting long-lasting beauty, it simplifies makeup routines making sure your eye makeup stays impeccable without the need for any midday touch-ups.

Blinc’s Tubing Eyeliner is available for purchase on their Website or Amazon.com

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