Take The Quiz: What Is The Best Tubing Mascara For Me?

That’s why we created a quiz for you to discover the best tubing mascara for your lashes and preferred style.


Any kind of true tubing technology mascara will give you its famous benefits. It has an especially devoted following among people who have sensitive eyes, have oily or sweaty skin, live in humid climates, or wear contacts. 

So what’s so great about tubing mascara?

  • It lets you rub your eyes.
  • It doesn’t melt when coming into contact with sweat or oily skin.
  • It doesn’t shed flakes into or around your eyes. 
  • It only requires gentle pressure and water to remove.

It’s no surprise that the public interest in tubing mascara keeps growing. It’s the dream mascara!

But just because tubing mascara has universal benefits doesn’t mean a single formula is the best fit for everyone.

Would you prefer a tubing mascara that added lots of volume? Or just a little for a natural look?

Would you rather have a tubing mascara that created lots of lash separation? Or one that you could add layers later in the day?

Even though a single tubing mascara can’t cover everyone’s lash types or styles…most companies only offer one type. That’s if they offer tubing mascara at all.

We’re the original innovators of tubing mascara here at blinc. We’ve been pioneering the technology for over 23 years—that’s why we’ve been a step ahead when it comes to different kinds of tubing mascaras to choose from. 

We don’t offer only one tubing formula, like many cosmetic companies. We know your lashes are unique—and how you like to wear them is unique to you. 

We’ve created 4 different kinds of tubing mascaras, and we’re going to keep innovating to offer you options that best suit you. (If you love tubing mascara…you should check out our eyeliners that use tubing technology as well!)

But which of the four kinds best fits you? 

That’s why we created the quiz. We took an in-depth look at our customer’s lash types, style preferences, and the best mascara matches to take the guesswork out of choosing a tubing mascara. 

It’s only 5 questions, so you can take it and get results in a minute or two. Plus, you’ll get a 20% discount code at the end. With 350+ combinations of possible lash factors and style preferences, we know there’s no single tubing mascara that would cover them all. 

What factors influence your best mascara match?

Lash shape matters

Do you want your lashes to retain their shape through the day? Or do you mind if your lashes relax back to their natural shape as the day goes on? With tubing mascara, you’ll get a firmly set, no-droop, no-melt hold through the whole day. Whether it’s a fanned lash you created with a curler or your lash’s natural curl, you’ll get to enjoy the shape all day long.

But if tubing mascara has the same staying power with all formulas, why does finding the right fit matter? That’s because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the mascara wand. The brush is going to have a huge impact on how well your lashes are separated and shaped. 

Straight lashes that use a wand that doesn’t support a curl may stick out too much. Curly lashes that use a mascara wand that over curls them may set in an over-bent shape. Picking the right tubing mascara will help you avoid the stick-straight lashes or the brow-tickling, over-curled lashes.

Lash thickness matters

A mascara that promises glamorous full lashes is great…until lashes get overcrowded and stick together. Obviously, a generic volumizing tubing mascara will not do, especially for lashes that are already thick. 

Also, what about if you want a more natural look? What if you want to create long, romantic, wispy lashes without making your lashes too full? Again, a single tubing mascara option probably won’t cater to what you’re looking for.

Your best tubing mascara match won’t be a formula that assumes you want the thickest lashes you can get. Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s a tubing mascara specifically for that look!

Lash length matters 

Single option mascaras love to boast about their lengthening qualities. If you have short lashes, that may be what you’re looking for. But what if you have long lashes? 

If you have long, enviable lashes, you’re no stranger to trying mascara that comes out as spidery strands that brush against your brow ridge. Ultra-lengthening mascara may not be your most comfortable fit.

A good mascara will fit the lash length you want and not just give you a generic lash lengthening treatment. 

Lash density matters

Do you have sparse lashes? Thick lashes? Something in between? A single type of tubing mascara isn’t going to give them all the same results. 

A good fit for sparse lashes could over-cake thick lashes. Likewise, the best fit for thick lashes probably won’t add much to sparse lashes.

Your best-fitting tubing mascara will cater to your unique lash density, keeping your lashes separated and defined.

Your lash style preference

How long do you want your lashes? How full? How fanned out do you prefer your lashes to lay?

How can a single type of tubing mascara create all kinds of different looks? Especially when lashes come in such a variety of length, thickness, density, and curl? 

The brush and the formula impact the user experience and resulting lash look. Your best-fitting mascara should have both a brush and formula that styles your lash type into the style you want to achieve.

What is the best tubing mascara for me? Take the quiz!

A true tubing technology formula will give you the benefits of tubing technology, no matter the type of mascara. It’s the mascara that withstands real life, like eye-rubbing, tears, sweat, and oily skin. You’ll also avoid irritation with the flake-free formula and unmatched ease of removal.

But you don't have to settle for a cosmetic brand’s single “one-size-fits-all” tubing mascara option. Just like non-tubing mascaras, some work better than others for the look you’re aiming for. 

There’s a perfect match for you…and you’re a quick quiz away from the answer. 

Avoid the buy-and-try cycle of spending money on your best guess. And discover whether a primer (and what color) would support the shape, definition, and look you’d like.
Enjoy the benefits of tubing mascara—and the formula that fits exactly what you want. Take the quiz here.

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