Best Tubing Mascara for Every Lash Type

In the quest for the ideal mascara, one size does not fit all. We've all come to realize that after trying numerous "best" mascaras. Since there's no universal set of natural lashes; each of us possesses a unique lash type and individual needs.

Obviously, your lash products need to fit your unique lash needs. Everyone wants a mascara to cover the basics (ultra long-wearing, flake-free, water-resistant, and easy to remove). Blinc Tubing mascaras (vs. traditional oil-based mascara) achieves all this and more. 

Finding the best tubing mascara is not simple. How do you choose the right one for short, light, curly or thick lashes? And what about those moments when you want to transition from your 'office look' to your 'going out for drinks' look?"

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Best mascara for short lashes

If you have short lashes, you've probably wished for those long luscious lashes and searched everywhere for a mascara that could work some magic.

DO look for a lengthening mascara that allows you to apply multiple coats. A primer will also boost your length. Try Blinc's Lash Extension Tubing Mascara for a false lashes effect.

DON’T use for volumizing mascara. Virtually any mascara can thicken, but volume without length will highlight the shortness of your lashes.


Best mascara for light-colored lashes

DO look for lash-volumizing as your primary feature. Both brown and intense black mascara make your lashes stand out. Blinc's UltraVolume Tubing Mascara, which lets you build layers and add volume is your best friend. Pay close attention to the mascara wand and choose a control brush that lengthens lashes and achieves dramatic volume.

DON’T fall for a great looking mascara that wears off throughout the day. Mascara, including waterproof mascara, that flakes, runs, or smudges, will be most noticeable on light lashes. A real tubing mascara is water resistant and won't budge even with sweat, oily skin and rubbing.


Best mascara for fine lashes

Thin-shafted or generously spaced out lashes can be painfully obvious. And they’re some of the toughest lashes to fluff up. They often come with other issues, like short lashes and gaps. 

DO get lash products that will separate and hold your lashes above all else. A tubing mascara will give each lash TLC–separating, generously coating, and holding their shape.

DON’T go for traditional oil-based formulas. Even though they may boast of adding “volume” or being “waterproof”, they’re just throwing a thick oily paint on your lashes. This inevitably makes the mascara clump and wear away. And on thin and spaced-out lashes, clumping will make your lashes look even more separated.

Best mascara for straight lashes

If you have long, stick-straight lashes, keeping up with your fluttering heartbreakers is a full-time job. They may be luscious, but straight lashes can be a headache to keep in place. You may find that mascara only amplifies how much they stick out. 

DO focus on lash products that have a strong hold. A primer along with an eyelash curler will save the day.  Blinc's Amplified Tubing Mascara is ideal because it creates tubes around individual lashes, maintaining your curl and not weigh your lashes down.

DON’T go traditional mascaras that are oil-based. Their paints promise thickening, lifting, and curling features that will ultimately weigh your lashes and make your curl disappear.

Best mascara for naturally curly lashes


A naturally curled lash might sound enviable. Until they refuse to stay separated and evenly curved. Lashes that naturally maintain a strong curl are extremely resistant to taming.

DO shop for lash products that emphasize hold. As with straight lashes, a primer will be a huge help. Once you set your lash shape, a tubing mascara, once dry, will hold it the rest of the day without weakening.

DON’T keep adding mascara to try combing out your lashes. Less is more when styling lashes with a fierce natural shape. Achieve the shape you want, then lock it in with a strong mascara.

Best mascara for thick lashes



DO stick with tubing mascara like Blinc's Original Tubing Mascara. Because your lashes naturally hold more mascara, you'll be more prone to running, clumping, and flaking if you use traditional mascara.

DON’T go for volume. You already have volume on your side. Mascaras that cake your lashes will be much more prone to sticking to one another, losing their shape, and running.

Choosing the right tubing mascara can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you have specific lash types. Short, light, curly, thick, and everything in between – your lashes have their own unique characteristics. Blinc offers a range of mascaras for all lash types, so you can achieve the perfect long-lasting look for any occasion.

Explore Blinc's 4 tubing mascaras and discover the best fit depending on your lash type and desired looks for different occasions. We also have Clean, Vegan, and Gluten-Free options. We have a QUIZ  to help consumers decide.

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