Eyeliner Lovers, Rejoice: The Grunge Look Is Back

The beauty world, like fashion, is a revolving door of trends, often swinging from one extreme to another. After years of the polished "clean girl" aesthetic ruling the scene in 2022 and 2023, we're witnessing a stark shift towards the rebellious grunge eye makeup looks in 2024.
Eyeliner Lovers, Rejoice: The Grunge Look Is Back

The makeup movement from minimalist to maximalist is here to stay. For those of us who grew tired of the 'less is more' approach and crave something richer, darker, and more daring, the grunge look is easier and more accessible than you might think. With products like Blinc Tubing Mascara and Eyeliner Pencil, you can master the grunge look with minimal effort.

The revival of grunge isn't just on the runways; it's permeating pop culture, influenced by the striking eyeshadow looks of Julia Fox and Cardi B. Here is your guide to spice up your makeup routine for a night out or if you simply want to dabble in a different style! 

Mastering the Grunge Look

Start Small and Build Up:  Begin with a softer approach using neutral eyeshadows and a basic eyeliner pencil. Use a fluffy brush to blend dark brown and black shades across your crease and lower lash line for a foundation. Add Blinc Tubing Mascara for a subdued effect or amplify the edge with smudged eyeliner. Smudging a black pencil along your lash line and blending it out gives that effortlessly cool grunge vibe. To complete the look, opt for an overlined lip with neutral colors.
Eyeliner Lovers, Rejoice: The Grunge Look Is Back
  • Embrace Imperfection: Grunge makeup thrives on its lack of precision. It's all about looking effortlessly undone. Forget about symmetry or perfect lines. This trend celebrates the raw, unrefined side of beauty. Makeup artists suggest using your fingers to smudge Blinc Eyeliner Pencil for that authentic grunge flair, emphasizing the trend's invitation to play and experiment with your look. With a gel-like formula, it effortlessly glides across your lids and waterline, delivering bold, intense color in a single swipe. It allows for easy layering and blending and dries down to a captivating matte finish that lasts all day.

  • Stick to Neutral Shades: While grunge allows for creative freedom, it’s recommended to start with neutral colors. Opt for a matte base and smudgy eye makeup in flattering neutrals, paired with overlined lips in a darker nude. Initially, steer clear of glitter and choose matte browns, blacks, and dark blues for your eyeshadows and liners. As you become more comfortable, you can introduce smudged colors to elevate your grunge aesthetic while maintaining its dark, neutral core.

Opt for Durable Makeup: The last thing you want is your bold eye makeup melting away unexpectedly. To avoid any makeup mishaps, makeup artists stress the importance of choosing products that promise endurance like Blinc Eyeliner Pencil. An ultra-longwearing, VEGAN, and waterproof innovation that can’t smudge, fade or transfer is crucial for maintaining your look from dawn till dusk.
Eyeliner Lovers, Rejoice: The Grunge Look Is Back

  • Use Gentle Products: Since the essence of the grunge style is layering multiple products, make sure your products are gentle and easy to remove. Blinc Tubing Mascaras, for example, do not require rubbing or harsh eye makeup removers making them ideal for sensitive skin and eyes. Blinc Eyeliner Pencil is formulated with a luxurious blend of hydrating Vitamin E and soothing Chamomilla Recutita, pampering your delicate eye area. 

Whether you're revisiting your youth or experimenting with a new look, grunge makeup offers a creative playground that's both liberating and fun. This trend is not just about embracing a darker, edgier aesthetic but also about enjoying makeup that's long-lasting, easy to apply, and kind to your skin. With the convenience and performance of Blinc Cosmetics, we say goodbye to the minimalism of past seasons, and welcome the dynamic, expressive world of grunge beauty with open arms!

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