Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.

Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.

Dealing with mascara often feels like navigating a compromise. If you choose a waterproof formula, you'll likely have to endure the hassle of removing it. If you want that full, glamorous lash effect, you might find yourself dealing with smudges throughout the day.

That’s why our team at Blinc Cosmetics invented mascara tubing technology over 30 years ago. We were determined to create a volumizing mascara formula that is smudge proof with ultra long-lasting staying power and easy removal.

Blinc's UltraVolume Tubing mascara changes the game. You no longer need to compromise. It offers the ideal blend of lasting power and a captivating, striking look that you can easily remove when you're ready. It's the beauty solution you've been searching for, designed to make your makeup routine simple, even on hectic days.

What is UltraVolume Tubing Mascara

Blinc's UltraVolume Tubing mascara was our 3rd of 4 exceptional tubing technology mascaras. It is Vegan and Clean and gives you an ultra-longwearing, buildable, false lash effect. 

Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.

How? Blinc's pioneering tubing technology is not oil-based paint. Instead, it forms tiny water-resistant "tubes" that wrap each individual lash. Once it dries, it’s smudge proof. It can't run, clump, or flake even if you sweat, cry, rub your eyes, or have oily skin. 

UltraVolume’s brush has dynamic spacing and supersoft fibers. The bristles are made of thermoplastic elastomer—meaning they’re gentler than plastic, yet still hold their combing power. It’s the ultimate control brush that creates dynamically spaced, dramatic length and volume, for eye-popping lashes that last all day.

Despite staying on better than even the most effective waterproof mascaras, UltraVolume comes off easily with just warm water and gentle pressure. That means you can protect your eye area from irritation and wrinkling by not using harsh makeup removers without sacrificing long-lasting results.

Clinically tested to be non-irritating, UltraVolume is ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people. It’s the answer to anyone searching for a mascara whose look, hold, and ease of removal is without compromise.

Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.

Trusted by makeup artists, athletes and business people alike, the all in one mascara comes in an ultra-black and dark brown shade to ensure you look sleek no matter where the day takes you.

At Blinc Cosmetics, we always want you to feel good about the products you use. Not only because they make you feel confident, but because they’re kind to our world. That’s why our UltraVolume Tubing Mascara is Cruelty-Free, Clean, Vegan and free of Gluten and Fragrance. Also, UltraVolume's secondary packaging is FSC certified and the primary packaging is made from 100% PCR.

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